4 reasons why Barcelona will become the champion of Spain

 In the current season looms the coolest championship race in Spain, Real or Barcelona.  Both great clubs are on the move and the chances are really 50/50. Now the teams have the same number of points.  It is very likely that after the next round the situation will not change, but next week the teams will meet in person.  October 16 is the first El Clasico of the season.  We propose to analyze the chances of teams for the championship in two articles.  And this article is dedicated to Barcelona.  4 reasons why Barcelona will become the champion of Spain.

1 – Cool midfield

 The middle line is the foundation of all the great generations of Catalans.  And the current Barça in the center formed 2 top three at once: Pedri-Gavi-Busquets and the same Pedri with powerful Kessie and De Jong.  These 5 people will allow Xavi to change the game right on the go.

 2 – Motivated beginners

Barça’s powerful transfer company is good not only for names.  Everyone who came to the team really wanted to join Barça and refused other top clubs.  Rafinha and Kounde did not go to Chelsea, Lewandowski did not stay in Bayern.  The rookies fit in well with the team, and the update is going more smoothly than many expected.  Well, a long bench and a rule of five substitutions allows you to break matches, as it was, for example, in the game with Sociedad.  Plus, the arrival of competitors cheered up other players.  When else did Dembele have such a desire to play?

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 3 – Variability

Last season, if something went wrong, there were no resources to change a broken style.  For example, it happened in matches with Eintracht in the Europa League.  Now Xavi has several plans for the game.  You can choose an attacking and more restrained version of the game.  Plus, the pressure has improved and, most importantly, the defense has noticeably strengthened, and Ter Stegen has returned to the top level.  Only 1 missed match in 7 rounds of La Liga.

 4 – Lewandowski

The Pole did not need time to adapt at all.  He scores in almost every match and has 12 goals already.  Of the top 5 leagues, only Haaland has more.  And the goals are very important.  In the league game with Mallorca, Lewandowski scored the winning goal out of thin air.  After Messi, Barca finally has a real leader who influences both the game and the dressing room.  Robert will definitely not reduce the requirements for himself and will be an example for everyone.  And he obviously did not part with the hope to still win the long-deserved Golden Ball.

 These were the 4 reasons why Barça should be crowned champions of Spain over Real Madrid.  In the next article, we will talk about their main competitor.

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