4 reasons why Real Madrid will win La Liga

In the current season looms the coolest championship race in Spain, Real or Barcelona.  Both great clubs are on the move and the chances are really 50/50. Now the teams have the same number of points.  It is very likely that after the next round the situation will not change, but next week the teams will meet in person.  October 16 is the first El Clasico of the season.  We propose to analyze the chances of teams for the championship in two articles.  And we dedicate this article to Madrid.  4 reasons why Madrid will become the champion of Spain.

 1 – stability and teamwork

 Real Madrid will win La Liga and the first reason is the stability and teamwork of creamy.  Madrid is the most understandable superclub in Europe.  Long-term links in the team are still effective, the game has been brought to automatism.  Everyone knows how Real Madrid plays, but no one can properly use this knowledge.  In an environment where the average level of opponents in La Liga is generally falling, it is easier for a stable top to score points.

 2 – champion rod

Courtois was the best goalkeeper in Europe last season, Modric and Kroos are brilliant in the center of the field, Benzema will soon receive the Golden Ball.  All these players are experienced super champions and most importantly, they still decide the results of the matches and pass on the championship DNA to the young guys.

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 3 – player development

 Ancelotti continues to develop players.  Yes, we often say that Papa Carlo is great in this component.  But the Italian constantly throws up new examples.  Tchouameni is already playing the leader and makes you forget about the loss of Casemiro, Valverde reveals himself as an attacking player, Rodrigo looks more and more confident and even changes Benzema to the position of a central striker.  The team’s defense stopped bringing.  Ancelotti found the perfect balance of youth and experience.  There is confidence that after the departure of the veterans, Real Madrid will not slow down.

 4 – Pintus effect

 Antonio Pintus is probably the best fitness specialist in the world.  He worked for the club during a great era with three Champions League titles in a row.  Then he left, but returned a year ago and won the Champions League again.  Real Madrid passed all the main favorites of the tournament in the playoffs and always looked fresh in the end of the return matches.  This season, because of the winter world championship, Pintus has developed a unique training program with two pre-seasons.  And Barca may not have enough strength for the spring.

 These were the 4 reasons why Real Madrid should become champions of Spain.  If you haven’t read the previous article, where we gave the reasons why Barcelona should become the champion, then be sure to do it now.

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