A Masterclass in Control: Kroos Helps Real Madrid Draw Against Bayern Munich

As he led Real Madrid to a pivotal 2-2 draw against Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final, Toni Kroos once more showed his command of the game.

Toni Kroos Passing

Madrid’s fortunes were turned around by Kroos’s deft passing and midfield management in a game that Bayern Munich had dominated early on. At times outnumbered, Kroos skillfully planned Madrid’s offensive.

By setting up Vinícius Júnior for Madrid’s opening goal, his perfect pass demonstrated their telepathic connection on the pitch. Unmatched in passing accuracy and poise, Kroos completed 79 of 82 passes at halftime.

Vinícius Júnior for Madrid's opening goal

Kroos’s value to the squad is undeniable even if there is conjecture over his future at Madrid because his contract is about to expire. “Irreplaceable,” coach Carlo Ancelotti said, highlighting Kroos’s unmatched game-controlling skills.

Among a group of gifted players, Kroos stood out, leading Madrid through difficult times and pointing the path to victory against a strong opponent like Bayern Munich.

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