Analysis: Anatomy of Real Madrid’s success at the start of 2022/23 season

In the summer, the management of Real Madrid, led by Florentino Perez, faced criticism.  Madrid failed to carry out the coveted transfer of Kylian Mbappe.  For a whole year, almost all the media have already sent the Frenchman to the Spanish capital, but at the last moment, Mbappe extended his contract with PSG.  Because of this situation, Real Madrid missed the opportunity to sign Haaland, who moved to Manchester City. 

Real Madrid has been passive in the transfer market.  Criticism increased against the background of the Barcelona transfer company, which, despite the crisis, made several top acquisitions at once.  Team Xavi, many rightly began to be considered the main favorite of La Liga. 

But to date, the team of Carlo Ancelotti has not yet made a single misfire.  Real Madrid top the La Liga table with all their wins and are also confident in the Champions League.  Now creamy are serious contenders for victory in the tournaments in which they take part.  What is the success of the Ancelotti team?  Let’s figure it out.

1) Squad rotation

 One of the main reasons for Real Madrid’s success is the rotation of the squad. Carlo Ancelotti in his previous years of work preferred to play with one squad and very rarely resorted to rotation.  Suffice it to recall the 2014/2015 season.  Then Real Madrid had a very cool first round, but after the new year, the results of the cream deteriorated sharply.  The main reason for this was the fatigue of the main leaders, who played continuously. 

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This season, Ancelotti has never released the same composition.  He combines players very well and this is mainly in the midfield line, where the experienced Modric and Kroos very often give way to the less experienced Camavinga and Tchuameni.  This is where the second reason for Madrid’s success comes from.

 2) form of leaders

 Luka Modric, at 37, continues to shine.  Frequent rotation allows him and Kroos to maintain strength.  In doing so, they continue to be players who make a big difference both on the field and in the dressing room.

 The same can be said about the line of defense.  Players simply do not have the right to relax.  A player like Rüdiger has still not found his place in the starting XI, but the German gets his time in every match.

 Vinicius scored for the first time in his career in 5 games in a row.  Under Zidane, Vini has faced constant criticism, but now he is one of the favorites of the Santiago Bernabeu public.

3) Players individual progress

Several players made a noticeable leap forward at once.  Their progress is visible to the naked eye.  Ancelotti and his method of working with them played an important role in this.

Federico Valverde often goes to the position of the left winger and fully justifies himself.  The Uruguayan already has 4 goals this season.  For comparison, in the previous 4 seasons, Fede only had 5 goals.

Rodrigo deserves special praise.  In 4 matches in La Liga, the Brazilian has 5 effective actions.  Rodrigo very successfully replaced the injured Benzema.  This is his best start in a creamy shirt.

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With each match, Camavinga’s progress is visible, and Tchuameni and Rüdiger fit into the team very well.  Carvajal seems to have made it through a difficult period of injury and is now showing a good level and has also returned to the Spanish national team.

4) Compact team

And the final one is a warm climate in the team, for which we also have to thank Ancelotti.  It’s enough just to pay attention to how Real celebrate their goals.  The whole team runs to rejoice and it is clear that everyone enjoys the fact that they are wearing a Real Madrid shirt.

Madrid has developed a truly cruising speed and now, without a doubt, looks like the main contender for the title in La Liga and one of the main favorites of the Champions League.  Skeptics may recall Carlos Queiroz’s Madrid, who lost La Liga in 2003/04 with a three-point lead by matchday 27, but such cases are still quite rare.  And yet, today’s Real Madrid is very different from that team.  Only injuries can interfere, or the upcoming World Championship, which will begin in a month.

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