Ange Postecoglou: VAR Scrapping & Caution on Replays

In the wake of controversy surrounding the disallowed goal in the recent Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool match, manager Ange Postecoglou has voiced his strong opinion against both VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and the idea of replaying games due to officiating mistakes. While Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp has advocated for a replay, Postecoglou believes that the use of VAR should be reconsidered in its current form.

Postecoglou made his position clear on this issue as he strongly opposed replaying matches solely due to referee errors. According to him, when considering replays there must be some threshold – mistakes do not qualify as such a benchmark regardless of their consequences. “If we strayed into violating or abusing the law, then you may have a case. But this was simply an oversight on our part.” If your threshold for replays is mistakes by individuals, that’s 365 games a year, I reckon.”

The Australian manager further elaborated on his skepticism towards VAR, stating, “I would [get rid of VAR] in its current form. “I do not feel this technology is adequate for our game; however, my opinion against goal line technology stands. Our game is unique.”

One of Postecoglou’s main concerns is the impact of VAR on the pace and flow of football matches. He highlighted that football, particularly in England, has traditionally been known for its frenetic pace, and excessive use of VAR disrupts this essence. “That was what set them apart from other leagues where you found play-by-play too slow; why are we trying to change this?” He wondered aloud.

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Postecoglou also expressed displeasure with VAR due to its delay and inconsistency, suggesting it may not be appropriate for use within football. “What I loved about England was its frenetic pace of football; therefore, this suggests to me that VAR technology in its current form may not be appropriate.”

Postecoglou expressed his concerns for the future of football during an open and honest moment, saying: “I don’t know that I like its current trajectory – but what I love most about our game is its imperfections.

Additionally, Postecoglou offered his support to Tottenham’s left-back, Destiny Udogie, who had experienced racial abuse on social media following the victory over Liverpool. “He’s good,” Postecoglou reassured, highlighting the supportive environment within the club.

As the debate over VAR and its impact on football continues, Postecoglou’s frank perspective adds to the ongoing discourse regarding the role of technology in the sport and the potential consequences it may bring to the beautiful game.

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