David Beckham Offers Support and Advice to Harry Maguire Amidst Abuse

Harry Maguire revealed that football icon David Beckham reached out with words of advice after England’s match against Scotland last month. Maguire had endured constant mockery from Scottish fans during the match – prompting Gareth Southgate to refer to the treatment as “joking”. Much of this harassment stems from social media.

Maguire has managed to remain resilient despite criticism, in part thanks to his unwavering family support and Southgate. Additionally, he found solace from recently released Netflix documentary series on David Beckham that explores his experiences during his career and more specifically after receiving his red card at the 1998 World Cup against Argentina.

“I spoke with David several weeks after the Scotland game, which was very kind. Watch his documentary and you can gain more insight into his approach.” Harry Maguire spoke highly of David Beckham, whom he greatly admired during his youth years.

It “meant everything,” said Maguire. “I looked up to and watched David Beckham when I was young boy; it shows what classy person he is to reach out and message me personally – something which really touched my heart.”

Beckham provided Maguire with advice that focused largely on reflecting upon his career journey and past experiences during times of difficulty. Maguire recognized its significance given Beckham’s own experience at Manchester United during his playing days.

“Every career can be up and down, especially once you reach where I have reached with being captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world for three and a half years,” Maguire remarked. “He knows exactly what it’s like – after watching his documentary I couldn’t believe what he went through!”

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Maguire has shown his resilience and commitment during an extremely trying time at Manchester United since relinquishing captaincy to Erik ten Hag. His strong performance against Brentford last weekend for United – providing the assist for Scott McTominay stoppage-time winner – demonstrated this.

Maguire also disclosed his attempts at protecting himself from online abuse, noting it can be challenging when his family and friends become exposed to negative comments about him. Yet he stays focused on his career goals with support from those closest to him.

Harry Maguire continues to show strength and resilience despite hardship, and David Beckham provides invaluable advice as an example of life as a footballer.

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