Eden Hazard Retires at 32: Career Highlights and Farewell Message

Eden Hazard has made a historic announcement in football that sent shockwaves through the sport: He will call time on his career at 32. This decision follows an incredible journey that saw him rise through Chelsea before experiencing success at Real Madrid and then retire after two more successful campaigns there.

Hazard’s journey to football stardom started with his groundbreaking PS88.5 million move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in 2019, after an extraordinary spell there. While at Chelsea he lifted both the Premier League trophy twice, FA Cup and two Europa League trophies. These accolades demonstrate not only his individual brilliance but also how he elevated his team’s performance to new heights of glory.

Hazard issued an emotive retirement statement, emphasizing his feelings: “Listen to yourself and stop when the time is right. After 16 years and more than 700 matches played as a professional footballer, I have decided to end my career and end it at this time. Realizing my dream has been amazing – playing on various pitches worldwide was truly fulfilling my wish.”

Hazard was not only successful at club level but also excelled in his international career, earning 126 caps for Belgium before announcing his decision to retire after an unsuccessful World Cup campaign in December.

Hazard’s time at Real Madrid, however, was fraught with difficulties. Constant injuries restricted his playing time and hindered his performance – even during rare fit periods when he managed to return he struggled to replicate the mesmerizing displays that made him such a global star. Overall he made 76 appearances over four seasons for Madrid.

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Hazard was quick to acknowledge those who played an instrumental role in his journey and expressed his thanks, noting: “Throughout my career, I have met fantastic managers, coaches and teammates – thank you all for such unforgettable times – I will miss you all dearly”. Additionally he acknowledged all three clubs he played for: Lille FC, Chelsea and Real Madrid along with Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) which selected him for national team selection.

As Hazard transitioned out of football, he expressed gratitude towards his family, friends, advisors and supporters who helped guide his career. Looking ahead, he expressed joy about spending more time with loved ones as well as exploring new horizons outside soccer.

Eden Hazard will forever be remembered as a soccer artist renowned for his extraordinary creativity and flair, leaving a mark in footballing history that stands the test of time. We say goodbye to one of its finest stars with tremendous gratitude for the moments of brilliance he brought to this beautiful game.

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