France is very strong in the World Cup and Mbappe is the best player in the tournament

Mbappe is the strongest player in the Cup

At face value, the strongest footballer at the World Cup, but in fact, the game will judge.  Discard the feelings, and attitudes towards decisions, actions, and behavior of Kilian earlier.  Discard sympathy for the legends of other generations.  Look at things soberly.  Mbappe is only 23 years old, and he is the first player in the world.  Benzema deserved the Golden Ball, but Karim himself admits that he is no stronger than Kilian, because he does not have so much time to develop. 

Messi and Ronaldo are great, but they have grown old.  As they rightly say, now Lionel and Cristiano are difficult, but they can be caught.  Mbappe, if he did not perform below his capabilities, is the main rocket in football.

Vinicius and other young people don’t know how to do that yet.  Bruno Fernandes, Griezmann, and the older company are also inferior in talent.  Rarely having the strongest wins the cup, Maradona’s story hasn’t been repeated often, but everyone needs someone who makes a difference. 

Call him Klose, Villa, Ronaldo, or Mbappe.  Kylian is more powerful than Messi and Neymar due to their reserve of energy, it will be easier for him to conquer the world in Qatar than two veterans.  If desired, Messi can be put in first place in the ranking of the best at the World Cup, but before the end of the tournament, Mbappe has a chance to overtake him.

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Only France has championship experience

The Germans flew out, but they did not have many world champions on their roster.  Kimmich, for example, got into the national team after the triumph.  He regrets that no matter how he arrives at the World Cup, he flies out of the group.  Joshua admitted that this hits hard on his psychological state.  Brazil hasn’t won a World Cup in twenty years.  Although Rodrigo took up football shamanism – he ran his hands over the legs of the Brazilian Ronaldo, and then along his legs, as if taking away the magic of the great Phenomenon, jokes about Ronaldo’s injuries immediately flew. 

The wounds of the semi-finals with the Germans healed, but the scars remained for life.  Tite jokes that the answer is only for the last four years without a World Cup out of twenty, but it does not include Lloris, Pavard, Varane, Griezmann, Mbappe, Dembele, and Giroud. 

Not everyone is based on Deschamps, but there are more experienced people than in Spain, where only Busquets is the world champion because Azpilicueta and Alba were not in the application for South Africa.  Experience is the advantage of France, which also won the League of Nations, which also reflects the ability to play with the best Europeans.  It is they who can be met before the final because Argentina and Brazil are in the other part of the grid.

 Deschamps managed to renew the squad

Without loss of quality, which is rare.  The current champions often did not leave the groups four years after the triumph, because they brought aged legends to the tournament and could not qualitatively reformat the approach.  Spain in 2014 could not find the right partner for Ramos in the center of defense, in the center of the field they relied on the old connections of the guys from Barcelona, ​​who could not be helped by Xabi Alonso, and Villa did not have enough shots in the attack. 

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The Germans’ defense problems worsened four years ago – Boateng and Hummels got older, and the new faces were lower class.  The bet on Kroos as the center of the universe did not work, and without Klose, there was no finishing touch in the attack for Schurrle-level players to score, as in Brazil.

France does not have such problems, in its composition the new midfielders – Rabiot and Tchouameni replace Pogba and Kante.  The role of smart Griezmann has been updated, he is now a free artist.  There are no negative moments with the introduction of Benzema, absorbing the space where Mbappe could be – Giroud is easier and more obedient for the coach in this regard. 

France is the first champion in many years to leave the group.  Deschamps’ team has updates in the center of defense – at the World Cup Umtiti played in the center, Pavard on the right, and Luca Hernandez on the left, but Kunde, Theo Hernandez, and Upamecano have their own advantages.  Also, Dembele’s growing up affects the quality of attacks on the right flank, and Mbappe was given even more freedom in the team without Matuidi and Pogba.

It is important to say goodbye to the coach with dignity

No one guarantees the Cup, but it is important to show your own maximum.  The French have motivation in Qatar, matches against Australia and Denmark have shown their strength.  And the game with the third squad against Tunisia is a weakness, although they will be judged by the match with the stubborn Poles.  France will have a match with England, but first, we will evaluate Deschamps’ foundation against Lewandowski, Zielinski, and Szczesny. 

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If you sum up the prowess, achievements, and opportunities, then France is the World Cup favorite on a par with Brazil, and in some ways even better.  We give credit to Deschamps, he proved that a great coach, when he avoided the mistakes of Lev and Del Bosque, became the first champion to leave the group without problems since 1998.  At the tournament in France, the Brazilians were in the final, let’s see where Didier’s Legion of Honor goes. 

After all, Deschamps is leaving his post, which they prefer not to talk about out loud, that is, the team, as a thank you to the coach, should play in the playoffs in their strength, as happened four years ago.

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