Gary Neville Slams Manchester United’s Handling of Greenwood Case

Former Manchester United captain and football pundit Gary Neville has criticized his former club’s handling of the Mason Greenwood case, calling it “horrible.” The 21-year-old forward had been suspended by United since January 2022 over allegations related to a young woman.

Although charges against Greenwood were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February, Manchester United conducted an internal investigation into his behavior and on Monday announced his mutual decision to leave.

Neville expressed his discontent at how the club managed the situation, suggesting that cases of this magnitude should be removed from its control and handled independently by a panel in future. He stressed the need for authoritative leadership and independence when handling such sensitive topics as domestic abuse or violence against women.

He stated: “Manchester United should not be the judge and jury on such an important matter – not only for them but for all involved.”

Neville’s comments were shared by former England midfielder Karen Carney, who described Manchester United’s handling of the situation as “really, really poorly.” Jamie Carragher of Liverpool and England fame also pointed to public opinion’s influence and highlighted its significance when making decisions.

This case has raised numerous questions regarding how football clubs handle allegations involving their players and has led to much-needed debate regarding greater independence and transparency in such matters.

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