Getafe: Greenwood Treated Equally Amidst Arrival

In a much-anticipated presentation in front of 4,000 fans at Getafe’s Coliseum Alfonso Pérez stadium, Mason Greenwood, the on-loan Manchester United forward, was welcomed with open arms by the La Liga side. However, amidst the excitement surrounding his arrival, one aspect stood out: the stark absence of any controversy or unrest regarding the player’s recent legal issues. Getafe’s Sporting Director, Rubén Reyes, delivered a clear message: Greenwood is “just a footballer” and is treated no differently than any other player in their ranks.

Greenwood’s move to Getafe was officially announced as a year-long loan with no purchase option, and during the unveiling event on Tuesday, the English striker expressed his contentment with joining the Spanish club. However, a noteworthy detail was the absence of any media interaction with Greenwood, a decision reportedly agreed upon by both Manchester United and Getafe.

The backdrop to Greenwood’s arrival in Spain includes allegations from October 2022 when he was charged by Greater Manchester police with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault. The charges, vehemently denied by Greenwood, were ultimately dropped in February this year, as the Crown Prosecution Service cited the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence that diminished the prospects of conviction.

Yet, at Getafe’s stadium, there was an atmosphere of celebration as the 21-year-old forward stood out as the most acclaimed of the three new signings introduced by the club.

Reyes, the Sporting Director, displayed unwavering confidence in their decision to acquire Greenwood. When questioned about the off-field issues surrounding the player, Reyes remained steadfast, emphasizing that their focus remains exclusively on football and that no special measures would be taken to manage Greenwood’s presence at the club.

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“We did what we do: sign players that are available to sign,” Reyes remarked. “No need for us to handle anything [off the pitch].” We have signed a footballer who is just the same as Diego Rico and Óscar Rodríguez, and that’s it. At our core, our focus lies on doing our jobs well.”

Reyes was questioned on the matter multiple times, but Getafe’s press team eventually intervened. “”He’s on loan; it would be hard for us to get an option on him [a player like that].” He will be here all season,” Reyes added. “There are internal discussions [between the clubs] but those are small details that we try not to share. They appreciated our efforts and believed in us.

“We are thrilled about Greenwood’s arrival! He was someone we were aware was out there, so we worked on him, collected information, spoke to his family, father and people for some time before persuading him to trust us enough to come here. Now he plays very freely as though on a school playground; with very high levels. That was always our hope – sometimes our dreams do come true!”

Greenwood himself expressed his confidence to contribute on the pitch, noting, “I have been training hard over the last four or five months to gain speed, and today was a team session – so I feel quite well!” After his presentation he engaged with fans by signing autographs, taking selfies, and giving out his shirt to one of them in attendance.

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As Mason Greenwood embarks on his La Liga journey with Getafe, it is evident that they intend to put all their focus and consideration on his footballing abilities – leaving behind any off-field issues which have followed him over recent months.

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