Harry Maguire’s Next Move: A Fresh Start After Manchester United Woes


Harry Maguire has experienced an upheaval at Manchester United since becoming the world’s most expensive defender in 2019. Being stripped of captaincy has further undermined his confidence, leaving many wondering where his next step lies. England international performances offer hope of fresh starts elsewhere; therefore let us explore potential destinations where Maguire can rediscover his form and demonstrate his true capabilities.

The Struggle at Old Trafford: 

Maguire initially excelled as captain for United, yet after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer left in 2021 his confidence began to falter under Erik ten Hag’s regime; under Erik’s watch Maguire found himself sitting on the bench and seemingly being passed over for playing time; it soon became evident that Maguire required a fresh start away from Old Trafford’s scrutinizing eyes.

Promising England Performances: 

Maguire has provided England with some much-needed hope in recent months. He earned the third-best rating at the 2022 World Cup and currently ranks ninth in Euro 2024 qualifying campaign, proving Gareth Southgate’s faith well-placed, excelling in passing statistics while excelling at his duties on the pitch.

Ideal Destinations: 

Maguire has attracted significant interest from several clubs. Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham and Newcastle are among those showing an eagerness to sign him; each will come with its own challenges; the key will be finding one with whom Maguire feels comfortable playing under.

Managers with the Right Touch: 

Ange Postecoglou, Mauricio Pochettino, David Moyes and Eddie Howe all possess great skill in cultivating strong relationships with their players, creating an environment which may facilitate Maguire’s resurgence by appreciating his talents while supporting him on his quest back to top form.

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Translating England Performances: 

Maguire can replicate his England performances domestically if given adequate support by his new manager. Moving to Manchester United was expected to bring new heights of success; now, it is essential for Maguire to find a club which can unleash his true potential.


Harry Maguire may have endured an up-and-down journey at Manchester United, yet still have the chance for a fresh start and redemption elsewhere. Clubs such as Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham and Newcastle with supportive managers could help him rediscover his form and excel in another setting. Maguire’s impressive showings for England indicate his ability as a top center-back – with the right system and environment, his bright star could shine brightly once more on the pitch.

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