Japan beat Germany beautifully. Favorites continue to suffer in Qatar

New sensational underdog victory.

11 strikes from Japan after the break

You have to play to the end.  Few teams can withstand the pressure that the Japanese team did in the first half.  Center back Schlotterbeck had more passes than the entire Asian team combined – 66 to 62. Those who note the rise in the level of preparation of national teams around the world are right. 

Hence, for example, the departure of Italy from North Macedonia.  Or the successful game of Saudi Arabia against Argentina.  Add that FIFA officials stole normal training from the favorites, as is usually the case in tournaments in the summer – you will get problems in positional attack from the Germans, the Dutch, the Poles, the Danes, the Croats, and the Argentines.  But organized guys, able to fight back, like Japan, are waiting for their chance.

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Neuer conceded for the first time after the opponent’s second shot on target, but both moments were dangerous.  And then the unreliable defense of the Germans brought another ball into their own net.  Although I want to praise Japan more than scold Germany.  The Germans scored from the penalty spot before the break but did not score from the game.  Did you think that they would squeeze the opponent? 

Coach Moriyasu Hajime rebuilt his team perfectly, against 1 hit before the break with Japan 11 after.  Against 1 pass under attack in the first half immediately 8 after.  Marriage in transmissions fell from 42% to a respectable 22%.

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The classic reincarnation of an ugly duckling, who endured other people’s blows, into a beautiful swan, who played to his strength.  And this power was enough for a strong-willed victory over the German national team.  For 44 years, nothing like this had happened to the Germans at the World Cup.

3 accurate strikes at the German attack line

The Croats inflicted only five shots at the goal of Morocco (in response, they received 8 attempts).  Denmark and Tunisia played more aggressively, but out of 24 attempts on the two teams, only six hit the target, with the Africans landing one accurate shot.  Before the break, Japan had one blow past, but in response, they received 14 attempts by the Germans, five of which were accurate. 

We take away the kick from the penalty spot, and the work of the midfielders remains – Kimmich and Gundogan.  We take into account that for a long time the forwards were not bad closed, regardless of the name – both the experienced Muller and the young Musiala were good only far from the goal line of others.

Even a penalty, the appointment of which can be argued, earned Raum.  The cunning lateral fell when moving away from the opponent’s goal, began to rise, and the Japanese goalkeeper crashed into him.  Is it a foul for a penalty or, on the contrary, a reason to show the German a yellow card for simulating and the desire to fall without a fight, blocking the opponent from getting to the ball?  Judging experts will decide, opinions are already divided.  But there can be no two opinions about the forwards of the German national team. 

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The team has 9 accurate shots, only three on the striker’s account – all of Gnabry.  Serge did not score, but Muller, Musiala, and Havertz were left without a single accurate blow against Japan.  The opponent was organized.  What’s the point of 25 attempts from the game, if 0 is realized?

15:12 on shots from outside the free throw

And according to clear scoring chances, the score is 5:3, the Japanese goalkeeper deserves praise.  Although at first, he was out of work, the Christmas spirit of Toni Kroos first instilled in Flick’s wards.  Gone for a break with a marriage of 9% per team on average.  Only Muller, as a veteran, allowed himself risky decisions.  Musiala, Gundogan, and Kimmich passed with over 90% accuracy.  Impressive game, almost perfect.  On the other hand, there was no high pressure from Japan.

Before the break, the highest peak speed among the Germans was developed by Gundogan – 29 kilometers per hour.  An important nuance in the game of the Germans.  When Ilkay, who once weighed about a center after a difficult injury, turns out to be the fastest for the team, then there are questions about the intensity of work. 

The Germans were not fresh, and could not turn on the speed, although at first, they were impressed with accuracy.  Statistics show that the Japanese entered Neuer’s penalty area – 15:11 on shots from outside the goalkeeper’s possessions, and this is important because long-range shots do not work.

These flip-flop matches explain why millions of people love football.  There is no doubt that the Germans have an interesting team, which lacks only solidity in defense and the new Klose.  But there is also no doubt that Japan, where a footballer takes a break and parachutes the ball into the box, as Totti, Ozil, or David Silva would do, deserves a sensation against Flick.

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World Championships have always been able to surprise.  After one of these sensations – the defeat of Argentina from Cameroon, coach Carlos Bilardo said in the locker room that if they did not leave the group, then the plane of the Maradona national team would not reach Buenos Aires.  A tough threat, but Bilardo wasn’t joking.  The team heard him, fought like crazy, and reached the final.  Let’s see if Scaloni and Flick get through to their players.  The classic favorites of the World Cup started epic – with shocking defeats.

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