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Jürgen Klopp says replacing Pep Guardiola is impossible

Jürgen Klopp believes this summer is the best time for a new Liverpool manager, and Pep Guardiola at Manchester City is the only impossible act to follow.

On Sunday, the two most successful Premier League managers may meet for the last time in a match that might decide the title.

Liverpool’s recovery on four fronts this season has reignited the rivalry with City, who trail the league leaders by a point before their visit to Anfield. It also supports the claim that Klopp is leaving at the wrong time.

The Liverpool manager disagrees, believing the team and reconnected crowd give an excellent opportunity for his successor to win additional silverware.

“After me?” Klopp replied when asked if replacing him or Guardiola was impossible. It’s not true. I know but everyone in this group thinks and knows it’s different. Here, people are different.

The public gave Bill Shankly a chance, and what came after him is greater than us, and the people will realise that this was a great period and we all enjoyed it like hell.

What a ride. But I am certain that kids learned over time that if we trust and push, anything is achievable. Top managers will join this team 100%.

The next manager may play different football, but this fanbase will support him. I suppose I arrived at the appropriate time because it was lost, and maybe I helped everyone realise how vital it is again.

“The club is unique. Because of the people, not the stadiums—other clubs have lovely ones. All about people. My opinion is that a new management is needed because we didn’t win everything and created gaps.

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To succeed at City after Pep Guardiola, you must win 10 consecutive titles.

Klopp says that his and Guardiola’s competition has pushed their clubs to new heights in points. He feels losing two titles to City by one point is not a regret.

Liverpool manager: “I know it’s special [what the rivalry has produced]. I know we had good and bad luck. I’m fine. Everyone understands that one moment may have changed it in those years. For me, it doesn’t diminish the delight of what we did then.

“The outside world sees it differently—you win or you don’t. There are no Premier League or Champions League silver medals. Reaching four Champions League finals is amazing, but losing three will put you on the outside.

Three Champions League final losses will not be on his gravestone. This stuff doesn’t matter to me.

“I don’t consider myself a loss or a winner because I lose or win finals. I aim to maximise everything. Yes, these fights and 97 points without winning the league are remarkable, and we pushed each other.

It was enjoyable. While winning it more times would have been fun, my opinion doesn’t change based on trophies. The boys performed something spectacular that won’t happen often.”

Klopp said his connection with Guardiola is based on respect and that they phoned each other “through a difficult period” despite their busy schedules. Both mothers died in the pandemic.

Guardiola called Klopp after his shocking exit. “He called and we had a talk, but I can’t tell you what we said,” Klopp added. “I know info you’d love!”

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