Klose’s record no longer seems out of reach. The threat came from France

The complete failure of the Danes, contrary to all expectations.

Much was expected from the Danish national team after their successful performances at the European Championship 2020, when they were eliminated only after an extra-time defeat by the English.  In addition, the Danes performed well in the League of Nations this season.

This year, the Danish and French national teams met for the third time due to the fact that both teams are also in the same group in the League of Nations.  Both previous meetings ended in favor of the guys from Denmark.  So today, many expected that they would at least be able to repulse the reigning world champions.

However, Denmark abandoned the high pressure, being located quite low, thanks to which Didier Deschamps’ men had the time and opportunity to play the ball in their defense and prepare a positional attack.

The decision is quite expected.  It is more expensive to play open football and give space to the speedy flank players of the French.  By giving up high pressure and giving the ball to the French, Uhlmann hoped that the low defensive line would be able to counter the French, but this did not happen.

Denmark now needs to beat the Australians, but even this cannot guarantee a pass, since, with a theoretical victory for Tunisia over France, the goal difference will have to be equalized.  If both win by the same margin, the goals-scored ratio will take effect.

France championship game

France has already secured their place in the playoffs with 6 points from two matches in Group D.

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Previously, Brazil was the last champion to advance from the group to the next tournament.  The winners of the 2002 world championship reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Germany, losing to the same French.  The Italians in 2010 sensationally took the last place in the group with Paraguay, Slovakia, and New Zealand.  Spain 2014 finished third in the group with the Netherlands, Chile, and Australia.  Well, the Germans repeated the path of Italy and took last place in the group with Sweden, Mexico, and South Korea in 2018.  And now France has managed to put an end to the reigning champions’ black streak.

The key victory over the Danish national team did not become a passing one, but it was one of those that are called “on the class”.  The main reasons that allowed France to bypass the low block were several factors:

The individual characteristics of Mbappe and Dembele allowed them to pull together 2 Danish defense players, which opened up space for attacking partners.  Given the fact that in pairs they had capable flank defenders in the person of Theo Hernandez and Jules Kunde, the French had enough opportunities to approach the gate.  The Mbappe-Hernandez couple stood out more, which is not surprising.

Personal performance by Antoine Griezmann. 

After tonight’s match, the focus will be on Antoine’s teammate Kylian Mbappe, but the Atlético striker deserves a mention at the very least for his ability to move between the lines, see the field and participate in the formation of attacks.  No one in the match made more successful crosses (9 – one of which became effective) and did not surpass in the number of ball possession returns.

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A large number of injuries has not yet been an obstacle to the good performance of the reigning world champions.  No Benzema – the emphasis is increasingly given to Mbappe.  The losses of Pogba and Kante forced Didier Deschamps to instruct Griezmann to play below his usual, which gives the result. 

A shocking injury to Luke Hernandez gave way to his brother, who, as usual, runs into the attack more often and creates more danger, which we saw in both matches – Theo was already marked by the second assist.  The loss of Kimpembe and not the best-form of Varane due to an injury before the World Cup made it possible for the young Upamecano and Konate to play, which fully justify the obligations assigned.

However, like all teams, the French have a weakness in the game – after scoring a goal and going ahead, they instantly change their game and begin to dry it in order to keep the score instead of widening the gap.  Denmark almost punished them for this, Braithwaite could score after a cross from the flank of Hernandez, and Christensen scored after a corner.  Fortunately, the French have a class and there are performers who can solve an episode in class.

Terrible, dangerous, and beautiful Kylian Mbappe

Today, Kilian made three passes under the blow and most often penetrated the opponent’s penalty area and, most importantly, brought his team victory, scoring the 6th and 7th goals in the World Cup.

The PSG striker surpassed such legendary football players as Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini (both 5 goals each), and Thierry Henry (6 goals) in the list of top scorers of his national team at the World Cups.  Ahead is Just Fontaine, who scored 13 goals, all of which were scored at the 1958 World Cup, which is a record.

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Kylian Mbappe is only 9 goals away from Miroslav Klose’s record.  The German scored his first goal in his professional career at the age of 22.  Mbappe is now only 23 and theoretically has at least two more world championships ahead of him.  In addition, do not forget that the end of the current World Cup for the French, most likely, is not close yet.

Of the current players, only Cristiano Ronaldo with Lionel Messi (8) and Thomas Muller (10) scored more than Kilian at the world championships.  Luis Suarez scored 7 goals.  The mark of 7 goals in the world championships by players under 24 was achieved by only two players.  The first was the king from Brazil – Pele.

In addition, Mbappe is close to another record.  Today’s double allowed him to reach the mark of 31 goals for the French team.  This is the seventh indicator, and now he shares this line with Zinedine Zidane.  Only David Trezeguet (34), Karim Benzema (37), Michel Platini (41), Antoine Griezmann (42), Thierry Henry, and Olivier Giroud (51) have more goals.

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