Last chance for Serbia and Germany, World Cup hosts without a playoff.  The last round will turn the groups

Only two teams have no chance for the Playoffs.

The group stage at a distance of three matches becomes the most intriguing – any mistake can be fatal, and direct competitors for a place in the playoffs often clash in the final round.  Matches of the third round among the teams of the same group will be held at the same time – and this adds to the intrigue.

Group A – head-to-head clash for second place

With the leader of the quartet, everything is clear – the Netherlands. However, they could not pick up 3 points with Ecuador, they have a rather skillful selection of performers for a confident victory over the hosts of the tournament.

But the second line, which also allows you to reach the playoffs, remains vacant.  Now Ecuador is on it – and the national team will play in the final round with Senegal, which is only a point behind the top two.

The Senegalese need to win in any case, and Ecuador needs a draw to complete the task.

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Wales in pursuit of top 2

This is not how the Welsh imagined the first World Cup in a long time – after a fighting draw with the United States, a victory was required in the game against Iran.  In fact – a dry defeat (0:2) and the last place in the group.  Although even so, Wales still has a chance to pass to the next stage.

The plot in group B additionally spins the fact that all teams were able to score points.  And the Welsh today will meet with the leaders of the quartet – the British, and the United States – with Iran, which still holds the second line in the quartet.

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There are a lot of scenarios for the denouement of this action movie:

– USA and Wales in the playoffs in case of victories over Iran and England;

– The States disagree with Iran on a draw, and the Welsh send the “three lions” home due to a major victory;

– The Americans get into the last car, and England retains leadership due to the victory;

Nothing changes as the underdogs failed to impose a playoff fight.

Match of life for Messi

In group C, you can wind up enough stories – from the club (Barca legend Leo against the heir to Lewandowski), to the national (Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup).

The Argentines returned to the playoff zone after a poor start with Saudi Arabia but did not guarantee anything.  And it’s definitely not worth hoping for a draw – in this situation, a lot will depend on the outcome of the parallel meeting between the Saudis and Mexico.  Get the victory first – and Leo will have to pack his bags.  In order not to complicate their lives, the “white-blue” only need a victory over the Poles.

Mexico is still counting on the continuation of the struggle for the trophy – in this case, Saudi Arabia must be beaten.  And to believe that Lewandowski’s goalscoring talent will break Argentina.

Duel of Australia and Denmark

When calculating hands in quartet D, the French factor should be taken into account – after a confident start, they are unlikely to misfire, especially with Tunisia.

This significantly reduces the scope of the review – it narrows down to two specific teams fighting for second place.  We are talking about Australia and Denmark, which will sort things out in the face-to-face match of the final round.

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For the Danes, only a draw with Tunisia could not be called planned – even a defeat from France was perceived as inevitable.  Australia allows going higher only by the fact that with the Tunisians they scored all 3 points.

Complicated calculations are not required here: the victory of Denmark is their entry into the playoffs;  a draw or an Australian victory is a ticket to the next stage for them.

Moment of truth for Germany

Several Bundesteam players have already promised that the gesture with covered mouths is their last protest at this World Cup.  Now we can concentrate on football.

But so much worse for the national team that the fate of Germany at the 2022 World Cup does not depend entirely on them.  3 points with Costa Rica will lift the Germans to an intermediate second place – and here the duel between Japan and Spain will play a decisive role.  The victory over the “red fury” will bring the Japanese into the knockout games.  For Bundesteam, it is better that this does not happen – due to the impressive goal difference, the Spaniards will not let them pass to second place.

Purely, in theory, Costa Rica also remains in the fight – they need to repeat the performance of the Japanese with the “German car” and expect the victory of Spain.

Chasing oldies from Belgium

Moreover, even Kevin De Bruyne notes old age as the reason for the failures of the team.  The Belgians are saved because their entire fate at the World Cup in Qatar is determined in one match with Croatia.  Canada is left behind and cannot get around the “Red Devils”.

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It all boils down to two possible outcomes: Belgium qualifying for the playoffs if they win, and exiting the tournament if they lose.  Everything ingenious is simple.

Serbia’s despair

Well, how can such a talented generation of Serbs finish the World Cup in this way?!  The game with Cameroon left a feeling of an understatement.  Let the “white eagles” score a point with which it is easier to continue the fight for the top 2.  But they could score even 3 – they played confidently, and quickly turned the tide of the meeting.

Evening for the Serbs spoiled the momentum of the Cameroonians.  Their rivals did what Argentina failed to realize in the match with Saudi Arabia – they withstood the offside line in two attacks.  They led to conceded goals.

Cameroon in the final round will play with Brazil, which without Neymar hardly passed Switzerland.  The victory will be a loud bid for second place.

In a parallel match with the Swiss, Serbia will play – and they need a confident (preferably big) victory.  Then there will be a second line.

Unfulfilled Uruguay

The Koreans upset the “charro”, but in the second round, they flew down after them.  The former has a 2:3 with Ghana, the latter has a 0:2 against Portugal.

The second place remains vacant, which three teams claim at once.  Uruguayans in the last round need to pass Ghana.  And in order to protect yourself in case of a sensation in a parallel meeting, you need to do this with a large score.

Although Portugal is unlikely to allow the victory of South Korea, which will please the “sky blue”.

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