Manchester United gave the best match under ten Haag. But Ronaldo was toxic

The difference in shots on target with Tottenham is 10:2.

If you haven’t seen the first half of the Manchester United – Tottenham match, you’ve missed a lot.  Even though there are no goals.  The hosts created a huge number of chances in 45 minutes, but then Lloris rescued, then the ball passed next to the post, and sometimes it hit it right. Check our article on Why Is Ronaldo Not Playing At Man United, And What Will Be His Role This Season?

Tottenham always sits low to their goal, like no other top club in the Premier League (even against Nottingham Forest they sat on their third of the field).  Manchester United managed to use it.  Despite a dense defense of five defenders, Manchester United players found space for attacks. 

Largely due to the active play on the left flank, in order to create isolation for Anthony and transfer the ball to him to the right.  Cool penetrating passes to Rashford were given by Fernandes and Fred.  Dangerously beat Casemiro because of the free kick. Take a look at our video on When Ronaldo Was Unstoppable And Won UCL By Himself.

The second half actually started with a Manchester United goal.  Fred struck from outside the penalty area, and only thanks to a rebound the ball went into the corner of the goal – Lloris saved a lot, but then he didn’t even move.  You could say that Manchester got lucky, and that would be true in this particular episode. 

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On the other hand, Manchester United by this moment (47th minute) was leading on strikes with a score of 20:5.  It is not surprising that such a rebound happened to Manchester United, given the number of attempts to break through.

Manchester United did not calm down on this.  A moment later, Rashford hit from seven meters.  He had a lot of chances this evening, and it is not clear how he left without a goal.  Although the hosts still scored the second goal – it ricocheted to Bruno Fernandes, and he immediately struck a killer into the far corner.

In fairness, it must be said that Tottenham had its moments, but their quantity and quality were incomparable to what Manchester United created.  Perhaps, the absence of the injured Kulusevski and Richarlison also affected them.

At the end of the match, the main event was the departure of Ronaldo from the bench to the locker room.  This happened in the 90th minute when Manchester United still had unused substitutions.  Judging by the game, Manchester United is recovering, although everyone will again discuss the toxicity of Ronaldo.  Ten Hag commented on Cristiano’s departure with one phrase: “I’ll deal with this tomorrow.”

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