Mbappe wants to leave PSG. The question arises – Where?

In recent days, all the top football media have stated that Kylian Mbappe regretted that he had extended his contract with PSG and was asking to leave the club this winter.  Of course, there were clubs that could make a Frenchman deal immediately.  Let’s look at these options and try to understand where Mbappe should go.

 Of course, the main option is Real Madrid.  For many years, the Frenchman was sent to this club, and before the start of last season, everyone was already saying that the transfer of Mbappe to Real Madrid was already a completed deal.  But the Frenchman at the decisive moment made his choice in favor of PSG.  There is a version that Madrid, led by Perez, has permanently abandoned the transfer of Kylian, although a number of other sources claim that Real Madrid is again considering signing a contract with Mbappe. 

Mbappe himself wants to move to the cream camp, but the question is relevant here – does Real need him?  Madrid started the season very confidently.  Mbappe’s move will send someone from the Rodrygo-Valverde pair to the bench, and these players are the best at the start in Real Madrid and both players are trusted by Carlo Ancelotti.

 The second possible option is Liverpool.  If by some miracle the Merseysideiders manage to get Mbappe transferred this winter, they will be able to save a season that is going to fail.  After 8 rounds of the Premier League, Liverpool has only 10 points and 10th place in the standings.  Mohamed Salah scored only 2 goals during this time, Luis Diaz – 3, and Darwin Nunez scored only twice.  To this, we must add the injury of Luis Diaz, who will miss several months at once.  In general, Liverpool clearly needs Mbappe.  Checkout our video on top 5 iconic world cup goals.

Jurgen Klopp’s team often plays first and sometimes they lack a player who will be able to carry the ball through dribbling alone.  There is Luis Diaz, but the Frenchman’s dribbling is definitely better.  Klopp’s team is also famous for its quick counterattacks.  In such situations, Mbappe has no equal.  At speed, it is simply impossible to stop him.  If there is no option with Real Madrid, then the Frenchman may well choose the Merseyside team. 

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The only question here is whether Liverpool can arrange the transfer of Mbappe because we are talking about several hundred million euros.

 Well, option 3 – Chelsea.  There are no such rumors yet, but this version has the right to life.  Chelsea is currently rebuilding.  The new leadership of the team immediately issued several major signings and let them know that they were ready for big expenses.  Graham Potter in the new team began quite confidently. 

But his team still does not have a pronounced leader who is able to drag the team along and decide on important matches.  Kylian Mbappe is perfect for this role.  The Frenchman is able to solve Chelsea’s main problem for years to come.  The club itself can easily meet the needs of both PSG and the player himself.  So far, the situation around Mbappe is just rumored.  If this turns out to be true, then Chelsea will definitely join the fight for the Frenchman.

 Another transfer saga around Mbappe begins.  It is possible that the striker will eventually remain in the capital of France.  We just have to stock up on popcorn and watch this situation.

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