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Newcastle Fans Urged Unity Amidst Paris Pre-Game Violence

Newcastle supporters have been asked to unite to protect their safety while in Paris, as emotions briefly flared out before Tuesday’s Champions League encounter at Paris Saint-Germain.

Late on Monday night, videos of a number of Newcastle supporters being attacked in a city bar went viral on social media.

However, witnesses reported that the altercation ended swiftly and that no one was harmed significantly.

When the event happened, members of the Newcastle United Supporters’ Club (NUSC) were inside Café Seguin in the Boulogne-Billancourt neighborhood.

A NUSC spokesman stated: “The police requested that Corcoran’s Boulogne close at 10 p.m. After that, a bunch of Newcastle supporters went to Café Seguin to finish the evening.

About thirty PSG supporters showed there, stood outside, and threw chairs, flares, and other objects at the doors and windows. There were no serious injuries, and they departed.

It is advised that everyone stick together and take care of one another. “The videos make it look worse than it was,” according to NUSC.

Although tweets on some French X accounts have implied a connection to an incident in Newcastle around the reverse fixture in October, the spokesperson described the attack as “totally unprovoked.”

Before the match at the Parc des Princes, Newcastle had warned fans to avoid the Auteuil area. PA Media has requested a statement from the Paris police.

Eddie McKay, a 58-year-old Newcastle supporter, was stabbed twice in the arm and once in the back in September after flying to Italy for the team’s first Champions League match in 20 years versus Milan.

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