Onana Takes Blame in Manchester United’s 4-3 Loss to Bayern Munich

In a roller coaster of a match, Manchester United faced yet another setback in their turbulent season, succumbing to a 4-3 defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Manager Erik ten Hag expressed his concerns about the team’s determination and defensive vulnerabilities, while goalkeeper André Onana shouldered the blame for a costly handling error.

Onana, who had requested to speak to the media after the match, took responsibility for his mistake, which led to Leroy Sané’s opening goal. He admitted, “I let the team down. It’s because of me we didn’t win this game,” expressing his disappointment with his start at United.

Ten Hag, on the other hand, emphasized the defensive lapses that allowed Bayern Munich to exploit the United defense. He pointed out the ease with which Sané maneuvered through the defense and the unchallenged assist by Jamal Musiala to set up Serge Gnabry’s goal. The United manager stressed the importance of determination and the need for players to step up and prevent such situations.

The match unfolded amidst a selection crisis for Ten Hag, with 12 players unavailable, including nine due to injuries. When asked whether United’s issues stemmed from injuries or mentality, he replied in the affirmative, saying they only came together with both efforts combined to overcome.

Manchester United’s loss in Munich serves as an unexpected reminder of their defensive weaknesses this season. They continue to face injuries as well as issues within their team culture – leaving an uncertain path ahead as they work toward recovery from this challenging season.

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