Portugal is waiting for the World Cup final.  But Ronaldo can ruin the team’s holiday

Againts the final – Ronaldo 

Messi and Cristiano do not have goals in the playoffs of the World Cup.  It is hard to believe that this fact has not been highlighted before.  Cristiano has played six such matches in his entire career, and all unsuccessfully for himself. 

But at the age of 37, he remains on the list of age goalscorers of the national teams.  But if everything goes wrong for the Portuguese, no matter how Ronaldo aggravates the situation. 

Already threw the captain’s armband on the ground after the failure with the Serbs in the selection, and recently repeated this trick.  CR7 and respect for others travel different paths.  Now he gave out the “interview of the year”, where he also did not describe successes and joys. 

In the national team, the game is built on Ronaldo more successfully than in Manchester United, which is understandable.  They have been playing together for a long time, the forward scored 117 goals for Portugal.  But if we are talking about reaching the final, then the state of CR7 can both help (switch and start scoring goals) and hurt (he will require passes, playing pale).

Check out also how “Argentina gave their best match at the World Cup. Goal after 37 passes” – WOW!

For the Final – Players class

There is no doubt about Patricio’s level.  But the young Diogo Costa from Porto also showed himself in the Champions League.  Dias is the main defender of Manchester City, but Pepe has won everything since the Champions League.  Cancelo is one of the main full-backs in the world, but Mendes is also the main one in PSG.  Bruno and Bernardo are among the best midfielders on the planet, enough names to understand who we are talking about.  Cristiano is a legend. 

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Rafael Leao is one of the top talents in the world.  And it’s not all the cool guys.  Joao Mario was great in the Champions League.  Felix is ​​in trouble at Atlético, but this is the motivation to prove himself at the 2022 World Cup in order to find a new club.  Nearby are people aged 19-23 years old (Antonio, Dalot, Mendes, Vitinha, Felix, and Leao), mature players in the region of 26-28 years old, and veterans Pepe, Ronaldo, and Patricio will guide them in training.

Against the Final – Results

On paper, everything is luxurious, but in reality, Portugal lost to Spain and Switzerland in the decisive matches of the League of Nations, letting the team of Luis Enrique into the final four.  I also had to go through the joints for the World Cup, because the Serbs were released to the top in the group. 

If it were not for North Macedonia, which removed Italy on the way to the final of the joints, Ronaldo might not have flown to Qatar, because the Mancini gang could have won against Portugal, for example, on penalties.  Fernandes has problems with the national team.  The coach shuffles insiders, but Bernardo, Cristiano, and Leao are not a trio that has been played for years, and Jota was knocked out by an injury.

For the Final – Calendar

Why did the “supercomputer” send Portugal to the final?  Because the probability of first place in the group with Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea is high.  At the same time, the teams of Suarez and Son are more cunning than they seem.  And in the playoffs, if they are the first in the quartet, Portugal will be waiting for the second of the four with Brazil.  In the quarterfinals, you can run into Belgium, then someone from the company, where France, Denmark, Spain, and Germany, shine. 

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But Santos made it to the big finals.  Argentina and Brazil could end up in a different part of the grid.  Deschamps has a roster loss.  Enrique has children next to Busquets.  Flick has an incomprehensible team, exactly as powerful as it is uncontrollable in defense.  Portugal, if it shows the maximum, is a candidate for the final, the “supercomputer” evaluates the facts and figures.

Portugal is powerful, stellar, and evil after the last two major tournaments.  Also, don’t forget who won the penultimate League of Nations.  Ronaldo believes in success, and his team is not afraid of difficult opponents, they know how to be productive and boring, but effective.

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