Reasons why Liverpool may not be in the top 4 of the Premier League

Last season, Jurgen Klopp’s team took part in all possible matches, won 2 cups, and generally showed very stable football. This year, the scousers lack this stability, and there is no such bright game as it was then. And given the high competitiveness of the league, the question arises whether such a Liverpool can get into the top 4 at the end of the season. Here are the reasons why Liverpool could be left out of the Champions League.

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1 – loss of intensity and fatigue

Loss of intensity and fatigue is the first reason why Liverpool fails the season. The scousers’ attack stopped giving the necessary amount of pressure, there is no Mane, and Salah’s numbers have fallen significantly. As a result, Klopp lost his main weapon. Other lines suffer as well. Even in terms of overall mileage, Liverpool has been losing to rivals in many matches – this is amazing. The leaders have been playing for several years without interruption – they are tired. Plus, the players are discouraged by the outcome of the last season, when in 2 matches a great season with 4 possible trophies turned into a regular one.

2 – the complexity of the restructuring

This season, Klopp has to reformat Liverpool. Mane left, the most important element of the great attacking three, and those who came often do not take out Klopp’s football – they press worse or get injured. At the same time, in previous clubs, Klopp did not succeed in rebuilding the team and he simply left. He left Mainz in Bundesliga 2, and Borussia in 7th place (season 2014/15). In both cases, it was for the 7th season of work. Jurgen is currently in his 7th season in Liverpool.

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3 – no trumps

Liverpool lost their trump cards. We knew before that if Liverpool didn’t have a game they would still score. Thanks to the standard with Van Dijk, the skill of Mane or Salah, and assists from Trent or Robertson. But the old X factors are no more. Van Dijk is not perfect in defense, Salah before City did not score 5 matches in the Premier League, and Trend was the main disappointment in the Premier League at the start of the season. Plus, problems in midfield worsened. Henderson passed, Fabinho is out of shape, and Thiago is more treated than he plays.

4 – injuries

In Klopp’s best seasons, Liverpool didn’t have many injury problems. But now it’s just a problem. Thiago, Henderson, and even the iron Robertson have already managed to visit the infirmary. Now Luiz Diaz, Matip, Jota, Keita, and Konate are injured – and these are all either important players in the clip or just key players. Without Matip and Konate the defense suffers, without Robertson the left flank squats, without Diaz and Jota there is no creativity in attack. Betting on Tsimikas, Milner, and Elliot is difficult. These were the reasons why Liverpool might not be in the top 4 of the Premier League. Hopefully, the injuries will keep Klopp’s team on the sidelines and the scousers can get back to winning.

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