Salah’s Liverpool Contract: Potential £1M Weekly Income

Mohamed Salah’s contract renegotiation with Liverpool could pave the way for him to earn a minimum of £1 million per week, according to his lawyer and adviser, Ramy Abbas Issa. In a Harvard Business School study, Abbas indicated that this figure was a “conservative” estimate of Salah’s total income.

The negotiations, which began in 2020, faced uncertainty until Salah’s new deal, extending until 2025, was confirmed in July 2022. Discussions had reached a breaking point in June 2022, with Salah considering parting ways with the club.

HBS featured Salah’s contract renegotiation in its business of entertainment, media, and sport program, highlighting the complexities of the negotiations and the pivotal role played by Abbas.

The study shed further light on Salah’s enterprise, showing that, were Liverpool to meet their salary demands and continue playing him as they have, his total annual income could range between EUR 54 million and EUR 62 million including image rights income.

Salah’s endorsements, ranging from EUR 4 million to EUR 7 million per contract, have seen significant increases due to his affiliation with Liverpool FC, making him a valuable asset both to them and their sponsors.

Performance-related pay was at the core of negotiations, with Liverpool seeking a greater portion of variable pay linked to Salah’s on-field performance. Abbas argued that this should result in a significant increase in the overall value of the contract.

The study also examined the structuring of bonuses and potential conflicts between Salah’s image rights and club sponsorships.

Notably, the study highlighted the trust between Abbas and Salah, a rare dynamic in representing a global superstar.

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The journey from Salah’s first professional contract with Al Mokawloon in Cairo, earning £3.32 per month, to a potential £1 million weekly income at Liverpool demonstrates his remarkable career trajectory.

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