The main intrigues of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar

At the World Championship starting on Sunday in Qatar, a new offside detection technology will be applied.  They will try a system with a sensor in the ball and 12 cameras under the roof of the stadium.  These cameras will track 29 points of the player’s body and record the position of these points relative to the line of the ball at a rate of 50 frames per second.  As worldcup is helding in Qatar check out Top 5 Most Incredible Moments in the World Cup.

The final decision on offside will still be made in the VAR room, in fact, they will be manually rechecked.  But as stated, the process will be reduced to a few seconds.  “Semi-automatic offside technology represents an evolution of the VAR system,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.  Well, if so, then the game should become noticeably dynamic, and there will be fewer pauses.  Let’s check.

The upcoming winter World Cup is unusual in many ways.  A bunch of innovations, even more, potential disadvantages, and what this tournament will become for history, what will be remembered – it’s hard to imagine now.  However, we will try to ask questions.  This is a list of the main intrigues of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Portuguese team opens our list.  Let’s formulate the question here as follows: will the aged Ronaldo become the main problem of the top team and how will the coach hide Ron’s poor form?

After winning Euro 2016, team of Fernando Santos is not playing in big tournaments.  And throughout this period, we saw how the head coach, despite the failures, continued to hold on to the same ideas.  Portugal’s game is still built around Ronaldo, although there is already a whole generation of strong players who can play team football, and not perform in the “Ronaldo Concert with Orchestra” mode.  It is significant that now the composition of Portugal is the top one for all the time that I watch football. 

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This team had the most representatives in the final voting for the Ballon d’Or in 2022.  However, the most powerful line-up does not make Portugal the main favorite of the tournament, it’s all about the team’s internal contradictions, the main of which is the current Ronaldo, who is in the worst shape of his entire career.  Heavy, does not realize the moments, because of which he lost confidence.  Even with teams in the Europa League, he can’t get back his goalscoring statistics. 

Dependence on Ronaldo is the main feature of the Portuguese national team.  The best scorer in the history of the national team, the captain who led Portugal to the only big trophy in history – you can’t just put him on the bench.  It seems to us that Santos can make sure that Ronaldo does not interfere much with Brun in building the game.  In Santos football, it is more real than in Ten Hag football.

The next place will be given to the pluses of the World Cup because the current World Cup can become the most intense in history. 

We are used to the fact that footballers complain about weather conditions at world championships in warm countries.  Some do not have enough strength for the endings, and the favorites in the early stages conserve their strength so much that their football is difficult to watch.  But now the situation is unique.  These are intonational Qatari stadiums.  The organizers installed a cooling system for each of the World Championship arenas. 

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That is, these are stadiums with huge air conditioners.  All games of the tournament must be played in ideal conditions for the player.  The second point is that the summer World Cup takes place after a difficult season when the leading players of the national team have 50-60 games.  The doctors and coaching staff of the national teams are more concerned about recovery than planning some kind of super form. 

Whoever retains more strength and healthy players will gain an advantage in the later stages of the playoffs.  But now the players will arrive at the World Cup in optimal, close to ideal conditions.  The players managed to roll into the season and get in shape and are not tired yet.  Well, the third is the lack of long flights, which will also affect the condition of the players.  There will be no change in time and climate zones. 

Qatar is a compact country, and the longest distance between World Cup stadiums is 70 km.  Great fun for the players, after Brazil and Russia, where they had to travel 1000 km during the tournament.  These three aspects, as well as the absence of long pauses thanks to the new offside system, suggest that the starting World Cup will be the most dynamic and intense in history.

Will this tournament be the Leo Messi tournament?

Leo, after a difficult adaptation in Paris, regained his super shape.  In the national team, he is the leader, symbol, playmaker, and finisher of attacks.  But this does not mean that Argentina has a mediocre squad and everything depends on Messi.  Coach Leonel Scalonni changed everything.  He was able to build a team balance in such a way that Argentina and Leo finally took the trophy, and we saw the best game Messi in the national team.  Check out How Argentina gave their best goal after 37 passes.

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In terms of composition, albiceleste is inferior to the main favorites of the World Cup, but after all, Croatia in 2018 was not the most expensive team, and Italy in 2020 was also inferior to many teams.  In such tournaments, cohesion is more important, and with this, current Argentina is all right.  Perhaps this is even the most cohesive team of the World Cup.  Training videos are constantly appearing on the network and you can see how cool they are. 

At the same time, you can see how each player respects Leo as much as possible.  And here is the main difference with Ronaldo, who either coldly welcomes Bruna, or pushes Canselo.  And when Messi is roughly pushed in a match, the whole team takes over for him, as was the case with Honduras.  That is, the team is as united as possible around Messi.  And the Argentina national team itself is close to breaking Italy’s record for an unbeaten streak.

This was a short list of the main intrigues of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.  Follow our site.  During the World Cup, there will be a lot of interesting things.

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