The Top 3 Favorites For Champions League 2023 according to a supercomputer, and why

The new drawing of the main European club trophy has already started with might and main. Traditionally, experts have already identified the main favorites. Let’s take a look at each command in detail.

The main favorite for the UEFA Champions League season 2022/2023 is Bayern Munich. This prediction was made by the FiveThirtyEight supercomputer.

Bayern Munich first – 21%

Julian Nagelsmann’s team was offended last season by Villarreal. The main reason for this failure is the lack of a bench. In the current transfer window, Bayern have made several transfers for strengthening, but have lost their main leader. In the Champions League, Bayern have had a great start so far. 2 wins in the first two games with a total score of 4:0 over teams such as Inter and Barcelona with Robert Lewandowski. But in the Bundesliga, something is still going wrong. In the last 4 rounds, the Reds lost 8 points.

Manchester City is in second place

The supercomputer estimates the probability of the triumph of the townspeople at 18%.

Last year, Pep Guardiola’s team was stopped by Real Madrid. Even the most ardent fans of Madrid admit that the citizens of the game outperformed their team in both meetings. Until the 90th minute, the team from England reached the final, but then the magic of Real Madrid began, which ended you know how.

In the summer, Pep Guardiola seems to have closed the eternal problem of his Man City. Erling Holland joined the citizens and immediately began to show some incredible level. So even Sergio Aguero did not start his career at the Etihad. In the first 10 matches, the Norwegian scored 14 goals. Man City had no other problems. So with such a game it will be very difficult to stop this team – even for magical Real Madrid.

Well, 3 on our list – PSG, 14%

Much was expected from this team last season, but Mauricio Pochettino and the company failed. It will be only the last thing to blame the coach for this failure. The transfer of Leo Messi, which changed everything in the team, was carried out at the end of the summer, so Pochettino had to come up with new ideas as the season progressed.

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Much has changed at PSG since last season. The main changes have been in the leadership. Luis Campos replaced Leonardo as sporting director and immediately put things in order in the team. He removed all unnecessary players, and entered the transfer market wisely, signing only the necessary players who would definitely strengthen the team. He also introduced rules to improve discipline in such a stellar team. It’s worth a lot.

Christopher Galtier replaced Mauricio Pochettino as head coach. The first thing I want to note is that under the new coach, the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio played at a new level. If last season Kilian was mainly dragging alone, then Leo and Neymar actively help him in this. In total, they already have 33 effective actions in Ligue 1 alone.

These were the top 3 favorites to win the Champions League according to the supercomputer. Based on the past, such predictions do not always translate into reality. The same Madrid last season was not even in the top 5 favorites, but in fact knocked out PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City, and beat Liverpool in the final. What to do, it’s football and that’s why we love this game.

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