The Top 5 Champions League Final Performers of Recent Years

Every year, football fans eagerly await the Champions League Final, the most prestigious and nail-biting match in the club football world. The players who step up for their clubs on such nights deserve appreciation. In this article, we have prepared a list of five exceptional Champions League Final performers in recent years.

Gareth Bale in 2018 Final – Super Substitute:

Gareth Bale played a crucial role in Real Madrid’s victory in the 2018 final against Liverpool. Coming in as a substitute, Bale scored two goals that helped Real Madrid clinch their third consecutive Champions League trophy. His overhead kick that went straight into Liverpool’s net was a masterpiece, and his long-distance strike was equally impressive.

Xavi Hernandez in 2009 Final – The Engine of Guardiola’s Magical Eleven:

Xavi Hernandez played a pivotal role in Barcelona’s victory in the 2009 final against Manchester United. Xavi orchestrated the game and delivered a pinpoint, magical cross to Lionel Messi’s famous header. He deservedly won the Man of the Match award for his instrumental performance in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017 Final – Dominance on the Big Stage:

Cristiano Ronaldo played a significant role in Real Madrid’s victory in the 2017 final against Juventus. Ronaldo opened the scoring for Real Madrid and scored another late in the game, showcasing his extraterrestrial instincts and dominance on the big stage.

Steven Gerrard in 2005 Final – The Hero of an Unbelievable Comeback:

Steven Gerrard was the hero of one of the most exciting finals in Champions League history. In the 2005 final against AC Milan, Liverpool made an unbelievable comeback in the second half, and Gerrard stimulated that comeback. He scored the first goal, won a penalty, and was regarded as the Man of the Match.

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Lionel Messi in 2011 Final – Heavenly Performance:

Lionel Messi delivered a heavenly performance in the 2011 final against Manchester United. Messi played the whole game with extreme beauty and successfully attempted ten dribbles, a Champions League Final record. He also gave Barcelona the lead after halftime against Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils, leaving the world in awe of his excellence.


These players have left an indelible mark on the Champions League Final and have proved their worth on the biggest stage of club football. With more exciting finals to come, we can’t wait to see who will shine next. Let us know in the comments below who you think will be the next exceptional Champions League Final performer. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos like this!

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