They left Germany, Belgium, and Denmark with no chance.  List of major discoveries of the 2022 World Cup

After yesterday’s matches, it becomes useless to predict any outcomes.  The sensation from Japan and the failure of Germany, the rise of Morocco – this is where the World Cup in Qatar can end.  Only now it is already possible to name 4 teams that jumped above their heads in the results – and after all, the last game day of the group stage remains.

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Moroccans – above Belgium and Croatia

Now, from such a result, the “wow effect” has become a little less, but before the start of the world championship, no one could predict such an outcome.  There are several reasons.  Firstly, Belgium entered the tournament as a contender for the quarter-finals (there was no question of failure in the group).  Problems arose and became fatal only after the first round – then the team simply engaged in self-destruction, and the process ended in the match against Croatia.

Secondly, the Moroccans changed their head coach right before the start of the tournament.  The leaders of the team did not get on well with the previous mentor, but at least they managed to maintain them with the new specialist.  But even so, it was not clear what kind of football the team would play.  This question was removed during the tournament.

And even so, Morocco’s leadership in Group F is a sensation.  The team did not lose even once – in the first round they shared points with the Croats (0:0), then morally defeated the Belgians (2:0).  Against the Canadians, the “Atlas Lions” showed two completely different halves, but kept the victory with the help of the “bus”.

The final piece of the puzzle was the outcome of the duel between Croatia and Belgium.  Here the victory of the Croats suggested itself – someone should put a loud end to the history of scandals within the Red Devils team.  The Belgians had a lot of chances – one Lukaku scored xG 1.98.  And it did not help – such an outcome is even more eloquent.

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As a result, the Moroccan team took a clear first place.  In the first stage of the playoffs, dangerous Spain awaits.  Although even in the event of an early departure of the enchanting final of the group, the Moroccans will not forget.

US Progress 

Here it is necessary to be able to turn it on at the right moment!  The States opened up space for a sensation in their first match in Qatar.  Against Wales, they looked pretty, they took advantage of the fact that the opponent’s game is geared towards counterattacks.  Active flanks helped to score the only goal, the Welsh responded with a goal – the teams parted in a fighting draw.

While the Americans kept zeros on the scoreboard, Iran decided to take the status of a sensational team.  They sent Wales to the bottom of the B quartet while they themselves settled in second place.  It all came down to a full-time duel for the right to rattle in the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup.

And in the last round, the US gained momentum.  The national team has reddened the flanks of the heatmap.  Full-backs Anthony Robinson and Serginho Dest were in possession of the ball close to the final third, Timothy Weah and Christian Pulisic also acted there, and Yunus Musa moved to the right edge.

According to the results of the first half, Iran has never been able to hit even in the direction of the gate.

At the finish line, the States displaced the Iranians from second place and followed in the playoffs.  But before the start of the tournament, they believed in the exit from the group rather than England and Wales.

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Japan Phenomenon

The situation in Group E is the same as in quartet F – an outsider is on the first line.  True, there is one difference.  Japan won the leadership in a personal meeting in the final round.

No one but Spain looked consistently confident throughout the group stage.  I believed rather in the words of Luis Enrique – the “red fury” will not be afraid to meet with Brazil in the quarterfinals, and believes in hitting Germany in the final match.  And therefore, he is not going to give up leadership – after all, in this case, none of the layouts will happen.

And you just have to look at the statistics – the Spaniards hit twice as often on goal, and possessed the ball 82.3 percent of the playing time.  Of the 12 shots, 5 were within Japan’s box.  The success of the “blue samurai” brought another feature – they are very good in the second half.

The game is refreshed primarily due to substitutions.  This was also the case against Germany – Doan and Asano enter the field after the break, after which they score and bring the team 3 points.  The comeback with the Spaniards began with the same Doan – he hit the gate of Unai Simon two minutes after he appeared on the field.

In the playoffs, Croatia will have to deal with the phenomenon of Japan.

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Australian national team

The team participates in the playoffs of the world championship for the second time in its history – for the first time the Australians were selected from the group back in 2006.

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The islanders in the final meeting buried the hopes of the Danes – in the quartet D, everyone had a chance to leave the group.  The Scarlet Guard had 1 point, but with four points they would have made a significant bid.

Yes, and in the success of Denmark believed a little more – it was influenced by the return of Eriksen, and the selection of players.  Still, in Australia, units play for European clubs: Aver Mabil in Cadiz, Riley McGree in Middlesbrough, Aidin Khrustic in Verona, and several others.  However, in the head-to-head match, one ball was enough – in the 60th minute, Matthew Lecky pushed the Red Whites into the abyss.

The Australians received 6 points in the group stage – the same as France.  In the 1/8 finals, you will have to meet with the team of Argentina – you won’t slip through luck here.

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