Top 5 Most Incredible Moments in the World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious stage in the footballing world, the biggest event of the game of such magnitude. Its moments are special, its environment is sensational, you can sense the magic in the air.

Over the years, FIFA World Cup has been a stage for many unforgettable and shocking events, nothing goes unnoticed as the whole world have their eyes locked on the World Cup. And that adds the spice over the events of this historic competition. Today, we’ve got a special world cup treat for you all. We will rank 5 unforgettable moments of the FIFA World Cup in the last 20 years.

Make sure you stick till the end and let the show begin!


It was the 21st of June 2002, a sensational draw took place in the FIFA World Cup, it was a quarter-final match between England and Brazil. The South Americans were trailing behind the Englishmen when Ronaldinho took the matter into his own hands. Brazil was awarded a free-kick 40 yards out of the box in the 50th minute. As Ronaldinho took the free-kick, no one could have imagined what this young wonderkid was able to do from such a long distance. Ronaldinho curled the ball inside the top left corner of David Seaman’s net from a long 40m distance and changed the whole game. That was a match-winning goal as Brazil went through to the Semis.


Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit of stepping up when it matters the most, and he did that for his nation in the FIFA World Cup 2018. It was a group stage match between Spain and Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a thrilling hat-trick and single-handedly kept his country in the game with a match resulting in a draw. Portugal was trailing 2-3 with only 2 minutes left when Ronaldo scored a beautiful curling free-kick as he completed his jaw-dropping hat-trick on the biggest football stage in the world.

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Late dramas are always special in football, and when it’s in the World Cup final? Oh boy! That’s unmatched!

In the World Cup final 2014, it was Germany’s Mario Götze who scored a World Cup-winning goal against Argentina in the 113th minute of extra time. The moment is beyond what words can describe. Götze’s goal shattered Lionel Messi’s world cup hopes as Germany lifted the trophy.


Once in his career, Luis Suarez used to be a very controversial footballer! And this event of him belongs to those days! It caused havoc in the footballing world during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In a group stage match between Uruguay and Italy, Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in the 79th minute while trying to receive a cross. The match eventually ended in Uruguay’s favor as they scored later in the game. The event caught the spotlight and the disciplinary committee took action against Suarez. He was immediately expelled from the tournament and FIFA also handed him a 9-match ban. It was the longest suspension in World Cup history for an on-field incident.


This is probably the most famous and shocking moment of the FIFA World Cup and no wonder it belongs to the iconic Zinedine Zidane. It was the 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy, and surprisingly, it was the last match of  Zidane’s majestic career, it doesn’t get any bigger than this!

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Zidane was already on the scoresheet as it was 1-1 when the extra time commenced. In a heated moment between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi in the 110th minute, Zidane Headbutted the Italian in his chest, as a consequence, Zidane was sent off and later Italy won on penalties!

That’s how Zizou’s career ended in football’s biggest fixture. Is there anything more shocking than this? We bet!

That’s a wrap, folks! You made it till the end. What do you think about these 5 World Cup’s most shocking moments? Let us know in the comments. We will see you again very soon!

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